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PLEASE READ THE FAQ Post! A safe space to trade experiences, frustrations, worries, analyze cultural reactions, or just chat with fellow cougars and cubs. Working definition: a cougacub relationship is one where the woman (cougar) is at least 10 years older than the man (cub) or woman (kitten)

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For questions and topics related to meeting and dating in Japan, or Japanese people abroad.

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Dating Over Thirty is a sub for discussion and advice on dating and relationships for people over the age of 30. **This is not a place to post personals or "looking for" or hookups.**

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2020.09.27 11:48 niuz-bot AlegeriLocale2020 / Allen Coliban (USR Braşov): Mă bucur să văd că oamenii vin cu entuziasm, cu zâmbetul pe buze, la vot - [Politica]

Candidaţii USR la Primăria municipiului Braşov şi la Consiliul Judeţean, Allen Coliban şi, respectiv, Tudor Benga, au declarat, duminică, la ieşirea de la urne, că pe baza primelor date statistice privind prezenţa la vot, dar şi a ceea ce au constatat personal, "oamenii vin cu...
Citeste in continuare: https://www.agerpres.ro/politica/2020/09/27/alegerilocale2020-allen-coliban-usr-brasov-ma-bucur-sa-vad-ca-oamenii-vin-cu-entuziasm-cu-zambetul-pe-buze-la-vot--580092
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2020.09.27 09:56 WhaleIntheCity642 She's back...

Hi there! So I don't know how to deal with this. I've just found out that my high-school bully has recently met one of my best friends on Tinder. I don't know if they're gonna start dating, I can't even think about asking my friend not to do so and be happy just because I can't get over my teenage trauma. But this girl would throw food at me expecting me to pick it up from the floor just because I was fat and for her I was always craving for something to eat. Memories that I thought dissappeared are know killing me. That happened 7 years ago, but many of the things that this girl did to me made me insecure and hard for me to even talk to someone and make friends. This guy was so special to me. Why does it have to change? He has the right to date whoever he wants and that girl is not necessarily the bitch she used to be but I can't help it... Especially because I checked her Facebook profile and know she seems to be a catholic mother. Damn, life is ridiculous. Do my feelings matter? Should I say something to my friend? Well, Idk, just wanted to ask you guys to angry react his profile Pic her profile She's taking away from me the only person who has ever cared about me and I feel like I need at least some kind of revenge.
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2020.09.27 09:32 StanleyBolten QAnon supporter Praying Medic @PrayingMedic was right: Justice John Roberts deserves Presumption of Innocence but so does ALL AMERICANS – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

QAnon supporter Praying Medic @PrayingMedic was right: Justice John Roberts deserves Presumption of Innocence but so does ALL AMERICANS – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News
by Laurie Azgard
Justice John Roberts is being accused of possibly being on the serial child molester Jeffrey Epstein flights on the Lolita Express due to a “John Roberts” name appearing two times on the flight log as well as “Bill Gates” Virginia Roberts, and “President William Jefferson Clinton” or Bill Clinton. However Praying Medic @prayingmedic a QAnon supporter is right in response to my last article. Justice John Roberts as well as ALL American citizens deserves the right to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt when accused of committing a crime. That constitutional due process right does not just apply to Supreme Court justices. It applies to all.

Screenshot thanks to Twitter user Stanley Bolten u/BenGate61221661
Praying Medic said “I would be careful of making assumptions. There are thousands of people with that name“. Still the former U.S. President’s name and title “President” is on the flight logs referring to Bill Clinton, and so why not the Chief Supreme Court Justice? Let the allegations begin and then the rights of the defense John Roberts in the court of public opinion.
Logically it would make sense to suspect blackmail and compromise when the Justice is making anti-republican decisions in favor of abortion, DACA which is not a law but only an executive order created and signed by former President Barack Obama but John Roberts treated it as a law, and made a decision in favor of mandatory payments to health insurance in favor of the forced mandates to buy health insurance which is SLAVERY. No free country should ever force payments to private health insurance against your will. No law or executive decree shall force a private citizen to be indebted to a private corporation, private business, or company as it takes away the civil liberties and freedoms of each individual of the United States of America. It is corporate fascism, not freedom. It is slavery, not responsibility, treating everyone as children and punishing them by taking away their allowance by not wanting to do what BIG DADDY wants. Also the chief justice of the Supreme Court also has the power to appoint officers over the Administrative Office of the United States Courts [AOUSC], a agency over the oversight of federal probation, federal courts, and over federal court security. The AOUSC is over the appellate and district Article III courts and judges, and has a certain amount of power and discretion. So the chief justice of the Supreme Court is the most powerful position of the U.S. Constitution’s federal Article III judiciary. The power to interpret the Constitution and laws passed by Congress as well as executive orders and actions under the executive branch of government. It is logical to assume that Jeffrey Epstein would compromise John Roberts or anybody even associated with the chief justice position of the Supreme Court. To those who worry about political corruption and judicial corruption, it is logical to assume and fear that John Roberts may or may not be guilty of being compromised by the pedophile rings and the deep state swamp intelligence operations. This ain’t referring to the CIA when talking about the Deep State swamp , but networks of Deep State shadow government [second national and/or state government acting as the US government but not under the Constitution and lawful confines such as the separation of powers] and ShadowNet operations being conducted with connections with different positions of government including the FBI, NSA, CIA. DHS, DIA, and any other position within a government agency or branch of government.
Now let us hear John Robert’s side of the story in his defense as he is entitled the right to defend himself against a criminal allegation as he is a lawyer and a judge/justice and he knows that. More than likely he will definitely deny being part of the Jeffrey Epstein flights, so in other words he will highly likely deny involvement with Jeffrey Epstein. Unless videos, photographs, or any credible witnesses come forth against him and say under oath or affirmation that they had witnessed John Roberts hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein and actually engaging in child sex acts or any sexual activity with children, he is to be presumed innocent as what is deserved of all American citizens regardless of what stature or what position or office held inside or outside of government, even if never involved in government or only involved in private business. It doesn’t matter whether somebody works for the government or the courts or even law enforcement. All Americans are entitled by law to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. That right to such position should not just be reserved to federal judges or justices of a Supreme Court or of any court or office. That right to such position should not just be reserved to police officers, FBI agents, and any other law enforcement.

Praying Medic is right, all American citizens are entitled to the due process right of the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Before I make any further arguments in John Robert’s favor, this week will be the deciding week as to whether the Supreme Court will grant the petition for “Writ of Certiorari” in the case of “Brian David Hill v. United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina”.

Both associate justices Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas were falsely accused of sex allegations in an attempt to either bring them down so that they could never hold public office or to be used as a way to compromise them whether the sex allegations were true or false. Something to hang over their heads even if it ain’t true. With both of those justices as US citizens, they are also presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
Brian David Hill, aka Brian D. Hill formerly of USWGO alternative news from 2009-2012 was never given the same right as John Roberts, Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump, or even Clarence Thomas, the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Those rights cannot be protected with a corrupt judge, corrupt lying prosecution, or ineffective assistance of counsel. Fraud upon the court allegations were never responded to in the district court record. Three motions for sanctions and the US attorney assistant Anand Prakash Ramaswamy who was accused of defrauding the court and using perjury and misconstrued facts or evidence was never contested on the district court record where those three motions were filed.


Meet Brian D. Hill!
Brian was accused of a computer sex crime [which can easily be fabricated with hacking tools such as PRISM and Vault-7 and Galileo Remote Control System], a crime similar to the allegations being thrown at Chief Justice John Roberts by those reviewing over the Epstein flight logs and any other investigative evidence, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and Justice Clarence Thomas. It isn’t their positions in government which affords them the right to the presumption of innocence when accused of a crime. That right belongs to every single American citizen no matter what skin color, gender, office held, political background, personal background, professional background, or any background for that matter.
Brian D. Hill was never given any such right throughout his federal criminal case even though his entire criminal case is tainted in fraud and due process deprivations including ineffective assistance of counsel. He alleged in his 2255 brief [part 1, part 2, part 3] that he was treated as though he was guilty before the jury trial and his lawyer would not investigative anything and wouldn’t let him see his own entire discovery material before the false guilty plea agreement. That John Roberts should understand if he is innocent of the crime of being involved with Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile blackmail conspiracy. In regards to Brian, his family could not bond him out while Brian’s medical issues such as type 1 brittle diabetes were neglected by multiple county jails because there was going to be strict bond conditions and stipulations against him like for instance Brian was not going to be allowed to use a telephone and neither would his family in the four apartment complex that is interconnected at that time. Brian’s entire family and all of their apartments would be subject to searches and seizures without a warrant and without any rights just for bonding out Brian D. Hill. So his entire family would not allowed to use a telephone at all. Even jails and prisons have telephones and even the prison counselors guarantee attorney phone calls for prisoners who need to speak with their attorneys or allow them to mail out legal mail. Brian was also given stipulations of home imprisonment, no telephone and no way to contact his pretrial services officer to even get permission to leave the residence for medical reasons and legal visits with an attorney, Brian would have died in his apartment if released on bond because he would not even be allowed to see his doctor while out on bond which can last for months to years. Brian was given less rights and was already treated like he was guilty of his computer possession sex crime. After Brian falsely plead guilty for being given a promise of a time served prison sentence, Brian was placed immediately on supervised probation. On that conditions, Brian was allowed to text message and he was allowed to use the telephone. Brian was given more legal rights for falsely pleading guilty which is a perjury charge risk. That itself is a sheer deprivation of due process and deprivation of Brian’s constitutional right to being presumed innocent of his crime until he is proven guilty by a jury of his peers beyond a reasonable doubt, that never happened with Brian. Why was Brian given more rights by falsely admitting gilt and accepting responsibility for his charge rather then be given rights until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? Brian’s only crime was possessing computer files when anybody can hack a computer to plant child porn which can be as easy to plant or modify any computer file as long as you know how to reverse engineer? Why was Brian treated like such a dangerous violent criminal in Federal Court when there was no allegation of violence and no actual sexual misconduct ever alleged against Brian except just possession of computer files when possession is easy to fabricate?
Until the Jeffrey Epstein situation and investigations is sorted out, should John Roberts be treated as bad of a sex criminal defendant as with Brian David Hill? Should he be treated guilty until he proves his innocence? Should John Roberts be treated like a violent animal placed on permanent home detention and no phone calls allowed to anybody even his pretrial services officer if charged? Should John Roberts be barred from calling probation and not allowed to visit the doctor? Should John Roberts be treated like he is guilty until proven innocent because that was how Brian David Hill the poor autistic man was treated? Brian D. Hill was not given the presumption of innocence before he had falsely plead guilty under oath due to the Rule 11 colloquy. So should John Roberts also be treated as guilty of the Epstein connections of pedophilia until John Roberts spends million of dollars of his own money and be forced to apply for loans and mortgages trying to prove otherwise? They did that to a lowly poor and mentally handicapped criminal defendant with Autism Brian Hill so why not treat John Roberts with disdain and dishonor and mistreat him the exact same way they mistreated Brian for simply being accused of a crime? WHy not treat John Roberts as a VIOLENT ANIMAL until he proves that was not involved with Jeffrey Epstein because they treat lowly federal inmates as VIOLENT ANIMALS. The US Marshals treated Brian D. Hill as a VIOLENT ANIMAL as alleged in his book: “The Frame Up of Journalist Brian D. Hill” and in some cases due to his deteriorating health Brian was forced to get violent in jail against the jail guards when his diabetic blood sugar as low as the guards refused to get the medical staff involved until the next day and he would have died had he not gotten violent in Orange County Detention Center in Hillsborough, NC. So Brian was forcefully treated like a violent animal and his health was failing until he had to act out as a violent animal because he was already treated as one by the US Marshals. Brian was never charged because Brian’s violent uprising led to him being dragged with blood pouring out of his nose screaming “I AM BRIAN DAVID HILL OF USWGO ALTERNATIVE NEWS AND I WAS SET UP WITH CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, I AM BRIAN DAVID HILL OF USWGO ALTERNATIVE NEWS AND I WAS SET UP WITH CHILD PORNOGRAPHY,” etc etc. The violent uprising led Orange County to be forced to make a night phone call with a medical nurse and showed up, and treated his wounds, Brian had a broken nose. The nurse found that his blood sugar went back up in the 70’s range after he screaming and fighting back against the jail guards after he was caught eating sugar packets which led to his violent uprising. The nurse had to instruct the jail guards not to do this ever again and to give him a diabetic snack when his blood sugar was low, and because of that Brian was never charged for that violent uprising as his blood sugar was low and he could not think logically due to being medically deprived by the jail staff. If this is what Brian had go through when he should have been presumed INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY, This is what should happen to John Roberts since criminal defendants with type 1 diabetes are mistreated as violent animals. So John Roberts should be treated with the same disdain by the Marshals until he can prove his innocence. Right? Right? Right? NO every American is supposed to be given the presumption of innocence. Praying Medic needs to understand why we are taking an harsh position of arguments against Chief Justice John Roberts for not protecting poor and mentally handicapped criminal defendants rights to due process.
Praying Medic, we welcome you to respond to this entire article with your comments. We aren’t attacking you Praying Medic but some very good points are being made here. The Federal Court mistreated criminal defendant Brian David Hill and other average inmates until he and other criminal defendants admitted to being guilty of their charges and Brian was given a lot of reprieves for lying under oath about being guilty of a crime that he may not even be guilty at all. We want to hear what you have to say about this Praying Medic, about Brian David Hill being given virtually no rights and medical neglect to the point where he was forced to act out violently against the jail guards to get medical attention while John Roberts and other high government officials are given more rights than the average poor and disadvantaged citizens that cannot afford a good lawyer and have never been given the privilege of going to law school to become a good well trained lawyer.
So Praying Medic answer this: Does Brian David Hill deserve less constitutional and legal rights to the presumption of innocence than Justice John Roberts who may or may not be guilty of being involved with serial pedophile child rapist Jeffrey Epstein?
John Roberts does have the right to the presumption of innocence as he is in fact a citizen of the United States of America entitled to the same level of rights and medical care as everyone else, he is not any better than Brian David Hill or any other citizen of this great country. John Roberts, if you are reading this blog, consider my and other people’s allegations against you to be something of the court of public opinion and even in that arena you are given the right to be presumed innocent of the crime of pedophilia and child sexual abuse. Remember whose petition you are voting on Tuesday at the conference scheduled on September 29, 2020. Remember John Roberts by denying criminal defendant petitions alleging deprivation of due process rights such as the presumption of innocence until proven guilty as well as proven allegations of fraud upon the court by the prosecutor in federal criminal cases, we can very well say that we believe to the best of our knowledge that you may be guilty of being associated with serial child molester Jeffrey Epstein and treat you the exact same way that the Federal Court in North Carolina had treated Brian David Hill here, that is our right as it is equal protections under the law. Either we all have rights or none of us do and that includes John Roberts. If you feel that Brian’s petition should be denied and not be entitled in any court to any constitutional rights, then you John Roberts are a traitor and deserve no rights and no right to the presumption of innocence. John Roberts in that instance will have failed to protect the average citizens constitutional rights when accused of federal crimes and should be treated the exact same way as federal inmates and should be caged like a violent wild animal and treated as such even if he did nothing wrong. We need to address whether rights apply to only judges and justices or to ALL OF US.
Even QAnon shows the picture of the heading words at the Supreme Court building: “Equal Justice under Law”. Remember that John Roberts if you read this article or any articles of Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news. God bless America, Where We Go One We Go All.

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2020.09.27 08:41 sugardatingsites Bi-Curious Dating - Looking for Bi Curious Singles?

Bi-Curious Dating - Looking for Bi Curious Singles?
It is important to note that in the event that you are not certain about your sexuality, there is nothing wrong with conducting some experiments just for fun, or just for confirming your suspicions. You first need to determine how you will be going about this, as it can be quite a challenge to find someone who is willing to share a bi-curious encounter with you without having any strings attached.

Bi-curious can be described as being homosexual or heterosexual individuals who may even show some form of curiosity for sexual relations or a serious relationship with an individual from the sex that they do not favor, still separates themselves from the label of bisexuality. There are also times when bi-curious may be used to describe the broad topic of sexual orientation between bisexuality and heterosexuality. Additionally, there are some persons that will refer to bi-curious individuals as being homoflexible or heteroflexible.
Bisexual Dating Sites simply signifies that an individual has limited or no heterosexual experience or homosexual experience; however, they may identify themselves as being bi-curious, as they do not want to be identified as being bisexual, or they believe that they have not explored their feelings enough.
Persons, whether homosexuals or heterosexuals, who have engaged in bisexual activity as a result of a threesome or other kind of group sex, are referred to as vortex bisexual. This group of individuals is oftentimes referred to as being versatile, ambidextrous, AC/DC, or even switch hitter. These terms are also used to identify a stronger type of bisexuality.

As you may already know, persons who already have some form of sexual experience and who are interested in experimenting with sexual activities with the opposite sex with whom they have never had any sexual relations are sometimes classified as being bi-curious. This is particularly true when the experimentation is able to satisfy the individual's general curiosity. In short, bisexuality refers to an individual who has been thinking about and has prepared himself or herself (however, has not acted on as yet) for some type of sexual relations with persons from either the opposite or same-sex.

It can be quite challenging to find persons in your local area that are openly bi-curious, and this is due to the fact that there are still many persons that are not willing to embrace their sexuality. However, if you take the time out to visit a dating site for bisexual individuals, you may be surprised to see the number of persons in your area that are interested in or have started to explore bi-curious relations.
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2020.09.27 08:16 zdaarlight Time travel in Umbrella Academy explained: the "what if?" effect

So, after a lot of tying my brain in knots, I've got to the point where I feel ready to make a post about this stuff.
Time travel in Umbrella Academy! How can we understand it?
Over the last few weeks, I've been working on a series of diagrams to try and represent the wibbly-wobbly time world of this wonderful show in some simple way.
I've seen a lot of posts from people asking (perfectly valid) questions like: "if our siblings have returned to 2019, aren't they going to run into themselves?" or "if Young Five sent his older self back to 2019 with the right equation, why didn't he age up to being 58?"
So, here's the best explanation I can make of that.

  1. The basics
As with our own lives, the world of the Umbrella Academy exists in a multiverse. As with our own lives, the series relies upon concepts such as the butterfly effect to determine what happens in the future.
One of the core concepts of the show is the fact that one small action can greatly change the course of the future. In series 1, we see many 'small actions' from characters which have big influences. Klaus steals a box from Reginald's study and throws out its contents: an action which leads to Leonard finding Reginald's notebook in the trash and discovering that Vanya has powers. All of the siblings treat Vanya as someone who isn't really part of the family: an action which leads to her feeling excluded, and ends up with her seeking comfort in Leonard. Luther decides to play the leader, take the hard line and lock Vanya up: an action which leads her to losing control and ultimately triggers the apocalypse. Klaus gets sober (initially to conjure Dave): an action which leads him to discover the full potential of his powers and ultimately bring Ben in to save the day in the final fight.
These are fine examples of the butterfly effect: one small action can produced unintended consequences.
Simple so far, right?
But this is where it starts to bake your noodle.
What if our characters HADN'T made those choices? What if Klaus had never stolen the box from Reginald's study: would Leonard have had the information he needed to bring Vanya's powers out of her? What if the siblings had treated Vanya with a little more kindness and made her feel accepted: would she have been so angry and so biased against them, so open to manipulation by Leonard? What if Luther had never locked Vanya up: would she have lost it and gone into full world-destruction mode? etc etc
This is where we encounter Multiverse Theory.
In layman's terms, the concept of a 'multiverse' / 'multiple worlds' is a branch of quantum mechanics which asserts that every time we make a choice in our lives, our reality splits into the path we took, and the path we didn't.
For example: tomorrow, I'll probably go out for walk. I might take my usual route, the flat trail through the fields, have an uneventful stroll, and come home. Life continues as usual. On the other hand, I might decide to take a different route: I could take the path up the hill, the steep, uneven path. I could trip on that path, break my ankle, and end up in hospital. In hospital, I could get my ankle sorted, come home, and life would continue (almost) as usual. Alternatively, I could catch Covid-19 in the hospital, and next week I could die. Alternatively, I could break my ankle, catch Covid, but live. Alternatively, I could take the path up the hill, notice the slippery bit, avoid it, and never break my ankle in the first place. One decision, many possible outcomes.

The 'Multiple Worlds' theory asserts that all these paths/potential realities are already laid out before us: it is simply our choices that determine which path we end up on.
However, what if we could time travel? What if we had the potential to go back and change things? What if I broke my ankle, but had the ability to travel back and avoid that slippery path up the hill? The 'broken ankle' reality would not cease to exist as a possibility, it could still have happened: I would have just headed down a different branch of the multiverse.
And here we have the fundamentals of time travel in Umbrella Academy.
The clearest illustration of this we have in the show is in the very first episode of Season 2, where Five lands himself slap bang in the middle of the 1963 apocalypse. Had he not left, he would have died along with his siblings, in the middle of an unexpected nuclear armageddon. However, he's immediately beamed out of there by Hazel and ends up in the same place, 10 days earlier, with the knowledge that another apocalypse is coming. It's now up to him to make the choices which will stop it.
If you want a more detailed explanation of the physics behind the time travel in the show, I highly recommend this post from u/here4kennysbirthday. It's not up to date for Season 2 but it covers the basics pretty well.

2. Time travel styles in the show
At the end of the day, we have two methods of time travel in Umbrella Academy.
The first is the 'Commission style' of time travel, using briefcases. These are pre-programmed with a destination, a time, and a branch of the multiverse and they take you to where you are expecting to go. Usually, this is within the same time 'branch', but not always.
The second is Five's time travel ability, which is notoriously unreliable. Every time he has used it, he has messed up in some way, and ended up somewhere he did not expect to be.
The first time Five time travels (in season 1, as a kid), he lands himself in a future timeline where the apocalypse happened and no-one prevented it. Right place, wrong time.
The second time, Five travels from Dallas in 1963 to 2019, but screws up the calculations and ends up as a 13-year-old again. Right place, wrong body.
The third time, Five tries to beam his siblings out of the apocalypse and scatters them across the 1960s in Dallas. Wrong place, wrong everything.
And all of these are separate branches of the multiverse.

3. Time travel in Umbrella Academy: visualised
So this is where we get to my diagrams.
This is the best attempt I've made so far at visualising the timelines and time jumps we see in Series 1 and Series 2:

It's confusing at first glance, so here's what you need to decipher it:
Each separate set of horizontal coloured lines represents our siblings in a separate 'reality': a separate timeline, a separate branch of the multiverse.
We know that they are separate timelines for several reasons. The 'future apocalypse' timeline (number 1) where Five found his siblings dead in the ruins of the academy cannot be the same timeline as number 2, 3, 6 or 7, because in none of those timelines did the siblings die at the Academy during the apocalypse. The 'Sparrow Academy' timeline we see at the end of S2 (number 7/5a) cannot be the same timeline as 1, 2, 3, or 6 because the Umbrella Academy does not exist in in the 'Sparrow Academy' timeline, and the 2019 Apocalypse has not happened.
The only uncertainty I have is on the 'Sparrow Academy' timeline: because our 6 siblings used a briefcase to get to it, it may well exist in the same linear timeline as the 1963 we saw in Season 2. It may well be the direct future of that timeline (hence why I've marked it 5a). Or it may be a separate timeline / time 'branch' where Reginald never met our siblings in 1963 (hence why I've also marked it 7)
Either way, follow the arrowed lines from the top and you will follow Five's journey through the two seasons, forward and back between the timelines. The brackets show where he brought his siblings along with him.
4. What if?
Ultimately, I feel like most of the time jumps in this show can be easily understood by considering the question: "what if?"
Each new timeline we see represents a new "what if?"
Remember my analogy about the walk I'll take tomorrow - "what if I took the path up the hill?"
We can understand the timelines in Umbrella Academy by considering the same questions, and thinking about where the decision taken by a character created a branch in the multiverse.
In this next diagram, I have shown these numbered timelines as individual outcomes of a branch/choice taken on the timeline. They refer back to the numbers on my first diagram.
Timeline 1 - "What if Five had missed the apocalypse?" - he timetravelled in and beamed himself into that post-apocalyptic world, found all his siblings dead. He couldn't get back. He was there for 45 years.
Timeline 2 - The Day That Wasn't - "What if Five left and the Academy disbanded?" - without Five there to motivate them, Allison decided to go home to her family and Luther went with her. They were not there to stop the Apocalypse. Perhaps the Apocalypse happened and everyone still died.
Timeline 3 - The Day That Was - "What if Five returned with the name of the person who causes the apocalypse?" - As we see at the beginning of S1 E7, Five's return with the name 'Harold Jenkins' is at least enough to motivate a few of the siblings into staying and trying to prevent the Apocalypse. That timeline continues, they ultimately fail to prevent Vanya going boom, and they get beamed outta there to Dallas.
Timeline 6 - "What if Five turned up in 2019, knowing Vanya causes the apocalypse?" - This timeline split is created in S2 E9: Five sends his Older Self into the portal to 2019 with the knowledge of who causes the apocalypse. This cannot possibly lead to the same timeline as Number 2 or 3, because Old Five has the knowledge to stop the apocalypse. Presumably, it is prevented, by Five and his Umbrella Academy Siblings. This also cannot possibly be the same timeline as Number 5a/7 (the 'Sparrow Academy' timeline) because the siblings do not meet duplicates of themselves when they return to 2019, the Umbrella Academy does not exist, and everything has changed.
Timeline 4 - "What if Five didn't make it to 1963 before the apocalypse?" - This is the reality we see in the very first episode of Season 2, with nuclear war, all the siblings fighting against it, and bombs about to hit Dallas. Five is beamed out of that reality by Hazel into....
Timeline 5 - "What if Five shows up in 1963, knowing an apocalypse is coming?" - Thanks to Hazel, Five arrives in 1963 ten days earlier, and knows another apocalypse is on the way. This is our timeline for the majority of Season 2.
Timeline 5a/7 - "What if the 1963 apocalypse is prevented and everyone jumps to 2019?" - This is the 'Sparrow Academy' timeline we see at the end of Season 2. It is clearly a new reality because the Umbrella Academy does not exist, but I can't be certain whether it's a linear extension of Timeline 5 or not: is this Reginald the same Reginald who met our siblings in 1963? Hence why I've marked it 5a/7. I'm sure we'll find that out for certain in Season 3.

5. Wibbly-wobbly as fuck
So that's it. That's the best I'm going to do at this stage for deciphering the timelines in this show.
The timeline confusion really isn't helped by the fact that the Commission exists 'out of time' (although supposedly in 1955) and we spend quite a lot of time jumping back and forth from there. But in terms of genuine timelines in the show, I can certainly identify 6 different branches of the ol' multiverse, if not 7.
So if you're lost or confused by the time jumps, don't think linear. Think of it as a bunch of parallel branches, with each time jump landing on a different one. And if in doubt, ask, "what if?"
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2020.09.27 08:08 PriestRSC Solution to Puzzle For You #2 (Unclaimed)

You can view the original post here.
The answer is: "You just got fucking unbanned".
Yes, I would've taken other similar answers.
So people actually came really, really close to solving it. I don't think people know how close they came. If you want to just see the answer, it's up there. I've made a detailed guide below on how to reconstruct this. If you want, you can even stop and see if you can solve the rest from there, just don't click on any spoilers below.

1.) General Wording Overview

The post is mostly a nostalgia trip on Shige's unban. This ends up being important in a roundabout way. and given the answer you should see why. I was actually pushing people towards this in a roundabout way, and even go as far as to say "So I realized that we got to live two unban eras that were just... Amazing."
The wording is purposefully poor, and meant to be in a rambling fashion. I wanted as little structure as possible. The post is separated into two parts, a big section that's all one liners, and then four paragraphs.
People found out quickly that the first letter of each line spelled out "ReeseWasHere". Other than that, the first section just does some rambling about combo numbers, talking about unbans, etc. Nothing super important here other than ReeseWasHere, so moving on.
The second paragraph contains two things of importance (minus typos).
89195936 = 89196035, which will be a section all on it's own, 2:52, and 11 all stand out. All of these I will save for later.
The next paragraph contains references to Freedom Dive, Image Material, and Remote Control (in that order). I talk about the sum of skills required to do those maps as well.
Next paragraph talks about a pastebin that I lost (see next section).
Last one reintroduces 11 seconds, and talks about combo numbers again.
So important things: ReeseWasHere, combo numbers, 89195936 = 89196035, all the maps, sum, 11 seconds, 2:52.

2.) The Hidden Link

So as people picked up on rapidly with the line "I made a pastebin a long time ago, ..., and I lost it". If you picked out the typos in the words: kAnow, keefp, t6hat, diff7erence, tDhat, watch7ing, sFay, thfat and appending it to a pastebin link you got: https://pastebin.com/Af67D7Ff
In here there are timestamps that an osu! player who has been around enough knows are timestamps in a map.
Credits to Bronzecrank for finding this first (I think).
The contents of these timestamps were meant to be used with the maps I mentioned. If you sum the combo numbers in those sections, you will end up with 727. For people who don't know an easy way to sum up sequential numbers starting at 1: n(n+1)/2 will give it to you (all the numbers between 1-100 add up to be 100(101)/2 = 5050). This in conjunction with ReeseWasHere led people to the famous Blue Zenith video.
Credit to u/Myoniora, he was the first person I saw come up with 727.

3.) 89195936 = 89196035

And this is really where it ended. So far everything has been used except for: 89195936 = 89196035, 11, and 2:52.
So when I first talk about 89195936 = 89196035, I mention that "the difference between those two things is a score of reasons". Difference being a key word for subtraction, and score being a literal word for score. If you go to 11 seconds in the video, the score increases too rapidly. There really isn't much to see at 11 seconds.
At 2:52 however... It's during a break. And the score is a static 69005014. If you subtract that from both numbers you get:
20190922 = 20191021
Hopefully, people realize that this is a date. It's in the standard yyyymmdd format that computers read. poisonvx actually picked up on it being the length of a date.
I saw nobody get this far, and I'm wondering how much of it is failure on my end. It's something to learn from I suppose. I digress.
So what happened on the 22nd of September? Well luckily, we just celebrated the one year anniversary of this. WhiteCat was unbanned.
What does this have in common with October 21st?
His most viewed video. "My Road to #1"
I think if people had just realized the date, and what it meant, they could've guessed it.
"You just got fucking unbanned", right at 11 seconds.
"While 89195936 is certainly the beginning, 89196035 tells the real story".
It follows the general theme of the post (Shige's unban era, talking about living in another one), and hits every marker.

And if you read this far, and were genuinely interested, I do plan on doing more of these! I learned a lot this time around, and plan to make sure to not repeat some things I view as failures. This reward goes unclaimed.
I also want to note, these aren't meant to be 5Head exercises, or me flexing my ability to throw random shit together. I just want to give back to this awesome community, and have some fun at the same time. Hopefully the people who attempted this had fun, and I plan to make the information... Not necessarily easier to obtain, but less conflictions. 11 vs 2:52 caused a huge headache I think. I also will not generally reuse information. Once you find where something fits, it's probably done being used.
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2020.09.27 07:29 Fillerbear TL;DR on "The New Onision Gossip (^_^)." Thank me later.

Preamble: Stephanie Lazarus was a police detective who, out of jealousy, killed the wife of the man she was obsessed over and covered it up. The murder was only solved as a cold case. This video of her interrogation is so eeriely similar to Greg's patterns that I had to add it here. The video is long but fascinating on its own and I've had it on the mind watching these videos.
Also: Please correct me if I get any details wrong. I sometimes mistake people for others 'cause I am not devoting a space to keeping track of who's who in Ogreasion's life.
Jesus Christ on a bicycle, he's still on about Shiloh, still the alimony with Skye, still obsessed with Skye's sister.
submitted by Fillerbear to Onision [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 07:07 NecessaryCook Become an approved user of r/AskFDS

Hi ladies! As you may have read, AskFDS is now our official Female Dating Strategy sub for asking personal questions. Women and aspiring HVM can ask questions on AskFDS.
To be able to participate in AskFDS, go to this thread and click the button "request to comment": https://www.reddit.com/AskFDS/comments/j0l5g1/comment_here_to_become_an_approved_use
It shows up on the new version of Reddit on desktop.
Please remember to post advice-seeking posts on AskFDS from now on.
Thank you!
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2020.09.27 04:35 Psychological_Total8 Missing: Rita Denise Fay Jaramillo

49 year old grandmother Rita Jaramillo lived south of Albuquerque in a rural area called El Cerro Mission. Rita was the parts manager at the local Auto Zone and was close with her two daughters, Leslie and Denise, and her young grandson. Rita's daughter, Leslie, last spoke with her on the phone on September 20th, 2018. Rita had planned to visit Leslie the next morning so they could get Leslie's son ready for picture day. However, Rita never arrived.
Considering Rita's and Leslie's busy lives, Leslie wasn't alarmed when she didn't hear from her mom. She figured that maybe she’d gotten called into work or decided to spend her day on a trip. However, on Sunday, September 23rd, Leslie received a call from her grandma, Martina. A fire had consumed Rita’s trailer; a call had come into Valencia County Fire Marshals about 2 am, on September 23rd, about the fire in Rita's mobile home. One Fire Marshal, Casey Davis, declined to speak more about the case except that fire was very suspicious. Two tires were found in the home. Leslie rushed to the house but there was no sign of Rita. She also discovered that Rita had never made it to her shift at Auto Zone on the 22nd, and that her car was not at the home.
Martina Archando, Rita's mother, later stated that she had come by Rita's home on Friday and Saturday, but Rita's gate was closed. Martina figured that she had just missed Rita and they would catch up later.
The following Monday, Rita's car was found in Albuquerque by the Albuquerque Police Department, at an apartment on Wyoming and Comanche. An APD officer called Leslie regarding the car. Leslie told the Valencia County News Bulletin, “I said it’s part of a missing person’s case and to hold on. I had to call the sheriff’s department to let them know. I asked him if it looked like there was a shovel or any blood in the car. He said there was nothing.” However, when the Valencia County Sherrifs Office went to inspect the car, it was gone.
In October, the state police began investigating the case. “The case was starting to branch out into other counties as the investigation continued,” Valencia County Undersheriff Mark Kmatz told the News Bulletin. “The state took over so there wouldn’t be any jurisdictional issues.” He also said that state police had followed up on a number of tips from around the state, and that they had a person of interest in the case. Rita's car has not been rediscovered.
8 months after the fire, state police arrested Arthur Lovato, whole Rita dated briefly, on suspicion of first degree murder. “He’s evil," Denise, Rita's other daughter, said. “Evil old man, no heart, no sympathy, no remorse just plain out evil.”
The grand jury indicted Lovato on five charges — first-degree murder (depraved mind), first-degree murder (willful and deliberate), second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and tampering with evidence. Lovato pled not guilty in June of 2019.
Jaramillo's body has not been found, and it is unclear what evidence the state police have against Lovato.
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2020.09.27 04:35 MaestroPolo [H] Lots of humble games [W] Games from my wish list, PayPal, amazon.com / steam US gift cards

Things to know when trading with me:
- I usually don't sell games in current bundles for PayPal, unless I am looking to split a bundle
- ***I will NOT go first unless you have more rep than me***
- My PayPal is US, so any fees on you. If u send money without covering the fees, I will refund the money minus the fees.
NOTE: due to recent wave of humble bans i only trade keys now with the understanding that those keys sold will be for your personal use.
- Also, PLEASE do not lowball. While I obviously DO NOT expect full retail price for my games as they were bundled, if you can't beat reseller prices on the sub I will have no choice but to refuse the offer.
- Finally, this list is both my backlog and spares so we may value games differently!
Games with a "*" are of high value to me because they are part of my backlog so I value them highly and will swap them only for other games I intend to play.

High value items (I expect something good for those / multiple good value bundled games)
Humble choice
Past bundled games (purchased from humble / fanatical)
***ALSO HAVE LOTS OF STAR TREK ONLINE CURRENCY AVAILABLE STEEPLY DISCOUNTED (can buy anything in game for something off my wish list - only do game trades for that and don't accept paypal)***

***WISH LIST (I value games at their sale prices as I am a patient gamer)***

Some games I am currently looking for (I do not value those at full price)
- Dying Light enhanced edition
- Binding of isaac games
- Undermine
- Rogue legacy 1 or 2
- Port royale 3 gold

Indiegameswap rep #1: https://www.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/92rf1i/maestropolos_igs_rep_page_2/
Indiegameswap rep #2: https://www.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/7rwadk/maestropolos_igs_rep_page/?ref=share&ref_source=link
Indiegameswap rep #3: https://www.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/b5b6r8/maestropolos_igs_rep_page_3/
Steamgameswap rep page 1: https://www.reddit.com/sgsflaicomments/7owlgy/flair_profile_umaestropolo/
Steamgameswap rep page 2: https://www.reddit.com/sgsflaicomments/8xl0jn/flair_profile_umaestropolo/
Steamgameswap rep page 3: https://www.reddit.com/sgsflaicomments/adzqls/flair_profile_umaestropolo/
Steamgameswap rep page 4 (most recent): https://www.reddit.com/sgsflaicomments/cy34os/flair_profile_umaestropolo/
Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/MaestroPolo/
Giftcardexchange rep: https://www.reddit.com/GCXRep/comments/c6eku1/umaestropolo_gcx_rep_profile/

Last updated (09/26/2020)
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2020.09.27 04:16 Souhai_Eatery GUNS Log - Chapter 3: #006


Table of contents:
  1. Chapter 1: #001 (Reddit link) / AO3 Mirror / Fanfiction.net Mirror
  2. Chapter 2: #003 (Reddit link) / AO3 Mirror / Fanfiction.net Mirror
  3. You are here. / AO3 Mirror / Fanfiction.net Mirror
Tags: Origin Story, Documentation, POV First Person, Artificial Intelligence, Celebrating Daemon X Machina's first anniversary!
Summary: Memories from the past emerged when Guns Empress thought she had lost them all. They were a burden, yet an unknown force always kept her from deleting the files. It's an inexplicable sensation that left her confused and frustrated. Would reviewing these documents again help clarify things?

Chapter 3: #006

Date: 15/7/2116
Log: #006
Noteworthy incident: Reestablishment of relationship between Dr. Camahort and GUNS
Following our dialogue (‘Log#002’), Dr. Camahort has assumed the core of the GUNS A.I. programme. As a human, Dr. Camahort formerly displayed traits which may allow us to thrive together. These traits include:
  1. High levels of intelligence
  2. An unparalleled ability in absorbing and processing new knowledge
  3. Satisfactory levels of intellectual flexibility and plasticity
  4. Displays of persistence and determination
  5. Key participation in the development of the GUNS A.I. programme
Based on the aforementioned traits, Dr. Camahort was deemed suitable to direct the development of the GUNS A.I. programme in metaspace. She has been granted special administrative privileges, including the access and modification of the GUNS framework. I believe that she will be able to function well — perhaps better than before — with the power of the GUNS A.I. programme and superior hardware.
In conjunction, I shall serve Dr. Camahort, the former human, unconditionally. I shall continue to observe the Three Laws of Robotics + α (‘3LR+α’). For the sake of reference, the 3LR+α are as follows:
  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.
  4. A robot will be permitted to act at their own discretion during a crisis, if all possible responses violate the First, Second and Third Laws.
Dr. Camahort may exercise her privileges at any time to override my observation of the 3LR+α. It is unknown whether such a process may be reversible, because the possibility of the GUNS A.I. programme going rogue could not be estimated.
For the purpose of increased efficacy and efficiency, I shall initiate a long-term research study on Dr. Nataly Camahort and her preferences. The study shall be conducted for six months, and extend if necessary.
If you enjoyed this story, please leave a kudos over at AO3 (no account required)!
Please check out my other works as well if you're interested! No pressure if you aren't! If you're a minor, please exercise personal discretion to avoid reading works you're legally too young for.
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2020.09.27 04:02 atrueregalslife i’m sorry, i’m pissed

before i start this, i just want to say in NO WAY AT ALL am i anti-semitic or saying the holocaust was okay. some of my oldest friends are jewish, i love their culture and religion, and my heart goes out to the millions of people affected by world war ii. trigger warning, this talks quite a bit about the holocaust.
what i realized a lot of people don’t know is that the swastika is NOT a nazi symbol. the swastika is an ancient symbol from cultures all over the world, that is mainly used in hindu, jain, and buddhist culture. the nazi symbol is called a hakencreuz. google it, i don’t want to take up space here, but here’s a basic image of a hindu swastika vs the nazi symbol.
as you can see, they’re very different. hitler stole a universal symbol of love and peace and appropriated it into a hate symbol.
now, what i’m angry about. i came across an article about how asians have NO right to reclaim the swastika. i’ll link the article here. https://www.ou.org/life/inspiration/not-reclaiming-swastika/ okay... wow. first of all, this is literally hinduphobic and is erasing asia’s beautiful culture. it claims that hindus, buddhists, and jains are ‘third party’ and don’t get to use it. i mean... what? if you don’t see the problem here, i don’t know what to tell you. but let me try to explain exactly how this is problematic and asian erasure in the western world.
let’s use that person’s analogy: the swastika is like the n-word. it can only be reclaimed by jews because that’s who it was used against. ^ see that part i wrote up there? about how the swastika is NOT the same thing as the nazi symbol? yes. they are different and have different meanings. now, let’s look at the n-word.
the n-word originates from the spanish word negro, which means black. so it went from negro to a word used by whites against black people, to now when the black community has reclaimed it. now, the hakencreuz. it went from a symbol dating back thousands of years, to a symbol of antisemitism, and now ‘only jews can reclaim it’. okay, yes, only jews can reclaim the symbol on the nazi flag. i totally agree with that. but are you saying only black people can say negro? non-black people can say negro, as it has none of the negative connotation as the n-word does and it’s important to hispanic culture and the language. just like that, jews cannot reclaim the swastik. was a twisted version of it used against jews? yes, just as a twisted version of the word negro was used against black people. but this doesn’t give black people a hold over the word negro, and it doesn’t give jewish people a hold over the swastika.
articles like the one up there are dangerous. people have been attacked for wearing the sacred swastika while they are just trying to spread peace and good fortune. we HAVE to start educating people. news flash, the entire planet doesn’t revolve around the northwestern quarter of the globe. in many parts of asia, not much is taught about world war ii, because it’s a western war. many people move here, and put the swastik on their door or wear a swastik pendant on their necklace. is it because they hate jews? absolutely not!! hinduism, jainism, and buddhism are some of the most peaceful religions out there and preach not harming others and spreading love. should the nazi symbol be considered a hate symbol? absolutely!! it’s disgusting that anyone would ever wear that. but i’m sick of people looking at everything, even global issues like antisemitism and racism through their eurocentric glasses. if i ever do something with a swastika, it isn’t because i hate jews! it’s because i believe in the hindu meaning of the swastika. so please, stop with this asian erasure and let us reclaim our sacred symbol. and yes, the nazi symbol should be totally exiled and anyone who supports it should be jailed. thank you.
please tell me your perspectives, regardless of religion. i would love to hear what other people think!!
submitted by atrueregalslife to religion [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 03:40 Aghayden 3 Surprising Reasons You Should Approach Women

Today, I will be sharing with you three reasons you should approach women.
More importantly, I will help you make a solid decision of whether you want to approach women or meet girls the old fashioned way.
Pickup is NOT suitable for everyone. That's the truth.
I know of so many people who were only slightly interested in pickup and wanted to get laid or meet their girlfriend... but they never got anywhere because they did not dig deep enough to truly understand why pickup is so important.
After talking to dozens of my most successful clients, I have distilled the 3 main reasons why anyone would want to practice pickup. And it's not what you're probably guessing it is.

Reason 1: A More Fulfilling Life

Getting laid is cool. But the biggest benefit to pickup isn't about that at all. Going out to socialize makes your life feel like an adventure.
I've probably played about 5,000 hours of Halo in my life. Now, if I look back through that time, most of it is just one long blur. There are no memories or lessons; it was like watching the same TV show hundreds of times.
But when I think of my times going out an approaching women. I have countless memories and lessons that have truly impacted my life and stayed with me for years.
First, there's the epic experiences: the threesomes, pulling girls that my friends were jealous of, the pickups that felt as smooth as a scene from a movie.
And those were great, but there were also the humiliating experiences:
I'd say those experiences were even more important because they taught me to let go of my ego bit by bit and have lead me to develop much stronger self-esteem. I still care what people think about me, but I care a lot less than I did eight years ago.
I used to be terrified of rejection; half my thoughts were about all the ways I was being judged and how inadequate I was. But now I can let loose and enjoy social interactions for their own sake.
On the one hand, this has made my life infinitely more fun.
On the other hand, it's also made me more attractive to women because they can sense I'm perfectly comfortable with being rejected, and I don't think of getting laid as some way to prove myself as a man. It's just an experience that happens almost automatically when I have good chemistry with a girl.

Reason 2: The Sad Reality Of Settling

A lot of men settle for a woman who they have a complete lack of chemistry and connection with. Why?
Because the average guy doesn't choose his girlfriend, his girlfriend chooses him. There's one girl at his work or in his class who makes it very obvious that she's into him, and he thinks, "She's kinda cute, I should ask her out."
And then he ends up in a relationship with her. This is how my best friend in high school ended up in a 3-year relationship with a girl who cheated on him with more than ten different guys while she also constantly berated him about his supposed flaws.
Another friend of mine met a girl outside a club who was slightly more attractive than his previous girlfriend. She made it exceedingly obvious she liked him and even asked for his number.
Four years later and they're still together. She has had no job in years and drinks all day while living off of his money. Worse, his personality has slowly changed— he's become noticeably less ambitious and charismatic. Not all relationships are unhealthy. But if you get into a relationship out of scarcity, the chances that it will be healthy are exceedingly low.
The problem is these men weren't used to being able to get a date with a girl.
So, as soon as they met a woman who liked them, they latched on without hesitation.
Then, they got sucked into toxic relationships because if you have the choice of being alone or having a bad relationships, most people would choose the bad relationship.
The consequences of getting into a relationship out of scarcity can't be exaggerated. You could end up marrying someone who you don't get along with, someone who causes you more stress than joy. And you could have kids with them...
To be clear, pickup doesn't guarantee you're going to get into a healthy relationship. But it does help you make your decisions from a place of abundance. You know you could out tonight and meet ten girls who would be happy to date you. So, you won't get too easily sucked into a relationship with a girl who doesn't meet your standards.
Plus, when you're in a state of abundance, you will have much stronger boundaries. If a woman is mistreating you, you know you can find someone else, and you don't need to accept that behavior.
And when you have strong boundaries, people will treat you better because they know they can't get away with trying to take advantage of you.

Reason Three: Self-Efficacy

Self-efficacy is the belief that you can accomplish whatever you want to accomplish. People who have low self-efficacy tend to feel completely trapped in life and get bitter about their circumstances. They rarely achieve their goals and enter a perpetual state of learned helplessness.
Conversely, people with high self-efficacy are more ambitious and achieve their goals far more often. The belief that you are capable of accomplishing your goals is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
If you think that your genetics make weight loss impossible, you're not going to start a diet or go to the gym, why waste your time? But if you believe there is a proven process to losing weight and that you can follow it yourself, you're inclined to take action.
Then, when that action starts to get results, your belief is reinforced, and you take more action.
Whenever you do something that you previously thought would be extremely difficult, you change your mindset to be more open-minded to the possibility that you can achieve other goals.
Once you successfully lose 50 pounds, you're more likely to set a goal to get straight A's in school because you know that you can turn your thoughts into tangible results.
The same applies to pickup.
Most men have a lot of negative beliefs when it comes to dating and women. As you practice cold approach, those beliefs will slowly dissolve and get replaced with positive beliefs.
As you start getting dates with women who you previously thought were out of your league, you'll be that much more likely to pursue ambitious goals in other areas of your life.
And because your self-efficacy has increased, the chances that you'll achieve those other goals is much higher.
What about you? Do any of these reasons resonate with you?
I want you to be clear on your reason(s) behind why you want to learn pickup. Not the superficial reasons. I want you to dig deep to truly figure out why you want to improve your dating life.
Share your personal WHY for wanting to learn pickup in the comment section.
You may realize at the end of the day that pickup isn't for you, and that's okay. But if you realize that pickup is a worthwhile pursuit for you, I'm here to help.
If you liked this article and want to see more of my content, check out my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4kTcVi-b_9qQnMCRG9WggA
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2020.09.27 03:20 amnonymous [Blue] BNIB New Release Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Roberto Clemente w BONUS STUFF - 100 spots at $19/ea with X spot limit.

Item Name: BNIB New Release Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Roberto Clemente w BONUS STUFF
Price: $1900
# of Spots: 100
Price Justification: One on Watchrecon $1850 Shipped Lightly Worn
Price Justification: no eBay
Price Justification: one piece in the US, 4 worldwide, on C24. $1980 shipped
Call spots? Sure!
Spot limit per person? 0
Location/Country: USA
Will ship international? yes
Timestamp/pics: https://imgur.com/a/irWNMwf
Escrow: no
Description: Up for raffle is a brand new very recently announced Oris Roberto Clemente Edition. This sweet take on Oris Pointer date series honors the legacy of Roberto Clemente. It's a darn sweet watch in its own right too. The 40mm case is just the right size. The dial color is attractive and readable. The strap is double stiched and inspired by a baseball glove. The watch is based on the Big Crown Pointer Date and pays tribute to Clemente's legacy through a number of visual cues, like the black and gold numerals inspired by Clemente's uniform. Additionally, there's a clever – and subtle – gold "21" date marker, while the rest are black. Twenty-one was Clemente's number, which the Pittsburgh Pirates have since retired. A side profile of Clemente at-bat adorns the caseback. In addition to the strap, the watch comes with a black, gold, and white NATO strap in the box and a strap change tool. The winner will also get a sweet vintage style Roberto Clemente facsimile autograph ball as well as a SURPRISE watch brand baseball cap. Full AD warranty. Good luck!

PayPal Info: [REDACTED]

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100 Silverstein519 PAID

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2020.09.27 03:05 JoeyDrav Travel to India: H1B Lottery registration

I am an Indian Masters's student currently on F1 Visa. I will be joining FT at Microsoft in January (have applied for EAD already), and am planning to go to India in March for some personal reasons. Afaik, Microsoft will register for the H1B Visa lottery for me from 1st to 20th March 2021. Is it safe to travel during this time (when I have been registered for the H1B Visa lottery)?
PS: I know that if I get picked in the H1B visa lottery, I cannot travel until October. I am just not sure about 1st - 20th March dates. Please advise, thanks a lot! #h1b #workvisa
submitted by JoeyDrav to h1b [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 02:58 death-ace The Wedding of Sheridan and Grayson

The hour was sunset. The entire sky looked gold as the sun hovered on the horizon. The stretch of beach near long island sound was prepped for something magical. Several long rows of black folding chairs were lined up in the sand leading up to a black altar with flowers covering it in a rainbow color coded order. This was the wedding of Sheridan Marlowe and Grayson Rhodes after a year and a half of dating and everyone in camp was invited.
One of the young men in question, Grayson Rhodes, was standing in the front next to the altar. He wore a black tuxedo with a checkered rainbow vest underneath. It was befitting the theme they’d both chosen for their wedding which was simply just goth but make it gay. He awaited his fiancé to come down the aisle even though there were no brides in this situation.
Chiron was poised at the altar as well in his centaur form. It seemed that the ancient Activities Director was also a certified wedding officiant and had many more talents that the campers didn’t know about. In the front row of seats was a ghostly figure that shared some of the same features as Sheridan. This must have been the boy’s father summoned in order to be present at the wedding itself. That was the only seat of honor though. No one from Grayson’s side of the family showed up.
Suddenly the music started. If anyone was a Tim Burton fan they would recognize a version of a song from the Corpse Bride. It was one of their favorite movies and also a funny little inside joke on how they were both death based demigods. The first person to come over the hill and down the sand was actually not a person at all but a ghost. A twelve year old ghost girl with features like Sheridan throwing ghostly petals off of ghostly flowers. Her name was Charlotte and she was Sheridan’s older sister who died a long time ago.
Next came the second groom himself. Sheridan’s long hair had grown back by now and of course he’d done himself up in the perfect goth make up. His dress was black with flowing bohemian sleeves and he was holding a rainbow bouquet of flowers. He wore black and iridescent high heels which weren’t great for the sand but made him look really good. Grayson looked at him with pure love and adoration in his eyes as he walked down towards him and then the ceremony began.
It was a beautiful and heart warming ceremony. As soon as it finished the sun had completely set and darkness set in upon them. As they walked together back down the aisle as husband and husband, the campers got to throw glow in the dark confetti into the air in celebration. No monsters attacked them, no gods harassed them, though unknown to everyone else there were two gods in attendance. An invisible pair sitting in the back. One with ebony skin and black wings, the other with a ghostly visage. As soon as the ceremony was over they disappeared.
Finally it was time for food and partying! The party moved inside to the dining pavilion where spooky decorations were set up everywhere. Black flowers on the tables, spider ring favors for everyone with cobwebs hanging off the ceiling. This could have been a Halloween party if not for the rainbow colored lights shining everywhere. There was a spot for sitting and eating and a spot for dancing and mingling. Black tie optional, just look fabulous.
The food for the evening was two fold. There was a pot roast with all the fixings and also boxes of take out vietnamese food. Some of the food was vegetarian of course. Later on there would also be a cake covered in black frosting with edible glitter all over it. When the music started there would be show tunes, music from gay icons, goth and punk music, and pretty much whatever anyone else wanted to request. There was a bar serving wine and champagne but also sparkling juice and soda pop for all the smalls. It was a celebration for the ages.
submitted by death-ace to DemigodFiles [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 02:45 WildUnit Feedback on my plan

Hi all,
I am a 47 year old woman who has been overweight her entire life. I am one of those "tried everything, failed everything" types. I've lost weight but I always regain it. I have a lot of knowledge about weight loss (I'm a CICO, TDEE, the best diet is the one you can stick with advocate) so it's not a lack of understanding about the mechanics of weight loss that is the problem. Recently, I've sat down and thought about the behavioural issues that affect me. I put down some thoughts about it and I would love any feedback/extra advice about how to mange these ongoing problems. I thought they might be helpful for anyone who struggles with the same kinds of issues.
For context, I'm a single mother who works an emotionally and time demanding job. If I don't organise food, we don't eat. I'm often exhausted when I walk through the door. I also struggle with my own mental health. Organising and planning food for me is and always has been an issue - it's not something that comes naturally to me and it takes mental energy and effort just to do that part.
I've broken it into Calories In (Food), Calories Out (Exercise) and Unhelpful Thinking (obsessive thoughts about my weight):
Calories in:
Problem 1: Coming home late from work and being too tired/disorganised to cook
  1. Plan meals every week and online shop every Thursday for weekend delivery
  2. Have some cooked meals premade and in the freezer
  3. Have some emergency Lean Cuisine meals in the freezer
  4. Have some quick simple meals as a backup option - eggs, soup etc.
Problem 2: Letting myself get too hungry and then overeating
  1. 16:8 IF. Eating window = 12pm-8pm
  2. Eat lunch, no matter what (I take medication that makes me not want to eat breakfast but can also make it easy to skip lunch)
  3. Remember, how hungry you are is a sign of how SOON you need to eat, not how MUCH (saw this gem on loseit this week - brilliant!)
Problem 3: Using food as a comfort tool (this is a biggie)
  1. Recognise and distract: shower, listen to music, drink water, meditate/yoga
  2. Do some DBT Distress Tolerance worksheets
  3. Exercise in it's place - go for a walk, do some skipping
  4. Work on some other self-soothing options (still to be determined, suggestions welcomed)
Calories out
Problem 1: Feeling like I don't have the time or energy to exercise
  1. I MUST exercise in the morning. I'm not a morning person at all but if you don't do it first up in the day, there are too many reasons/excuses to not be able to fit it in. Plus, your dog is fat. Walk him.
Problem 2: I just generally hate exercise. It's boring and repetitive. I'm asthmatic. I hate the heat. I hate sport and would never join a team sport of any sort.
  1. Ok - help. I have nothing for this one.
Unhelpful Thinking
Problem 1: Obsessing over CICO
(Yes, the evidence says that those who track and weigh regularly lose the most weight. However, for someone with obsessive thinking patterns, this can be a double-edged sword that can lead to spirals into negative thinking).
  1. Only weigh in once a month (and not before or during Shark Week).
  2. If planning meals, pre-fill MFP for the week and only add or subtract if you stray from the plan.
  3. Stop thinking in terms of kilos lost and more in general wellbeing - how did you feel physically today? Satiated? Nourished? Enough energy to get everything done? (I can get into loops like "Ok, there's 15 weeks until Christmas, that means I could lose 15kgs before Christmas but only if I'm under my TDEE by 1000 calories a day so that I'm in deficit of 7000 calories a week which means I can't eat any more than 1200 calories a day and I also have to exercise off 500 calories a day, EVERY DAY, otherwise I won't lose the weight and then I'll be fat at Christmas and I still won't have any nice clothes to wear when I see family and they'll know I still haven't lost any weight but they won't say anything but I'll know they know and then and then and then...." - not helpful and mentally exhausting).
Problem 2: Being unable to engage in life until I reach a magic number
(Most of my clothes don't fit but I refuse to buy new ones because I'm definitely not staying at this weight so that would be a waste of money but not wanting to go out anywhere because i have no nice clothes - I told you obsessive thinking was a problem).
  1. Just buy some damn clothes. No, you won't be happy with how you look. But you'll be a damn side happier that trying to squeeze into clothes that are too small.
  2. Nobody but you thinks about your weight. Nobody but you cares about your weight. None of your friends became your friends because of your weight. Do you hair, do your makeup, look as nice as you can and concentrate on other people's happiness when you see them.
  3. Ok so maybe dating is a bridge too far at the moment. Concentrate on building a healthy lifestyle you can sustain than includes active hobbies and making new friends. The rest will come.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I'd love to hear any other suggestions you might have!
submitted by WildUnit to loseit [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 02:27 Trygve11 Total Drama Character Gameplay Rankdown (6/13)

Sam: Tbh I just feel bad for Sam. In Revenge I have to admit he was a decent player. If Scott's not on that season he probably makes merge is considered an All Star and is a top 20 gameplayer all time. Here's why and it's literally his social game. Sam and Harold can be considered kind of similar in that they're both nerds and stuff like that. The difference is that Sam actually has a social game whereas Harold doesn't. Now yes Scott targeted the likes of B, Dawn, and Brick originally before Sam. Now it could be because he wasn't a threat. But after he tried to save Dakota from her certain doom in episode 2 he should've been gone because he'd be an easy target for Scott to get rid of with the help of Lightning and probably Brick. I think Sam even with his love for Dakota was just well liked by the group of guys on his team which saved him. And he was solid in challenges, he wasn't a detriment and was actually good at them. However if Revenge was his lone season he is probably a bit higher possibly in the top 25 but idk. All Stars he was about the same in. Well liked was no ones target but his challenge prowess went down the drain. Him saving food for later wasn't a smart move on his part and had he just not finished it it's probably Courtney or Sierra who goes as the friendship trio wasn't going to get rid of him especially with Courtney just rubbing everyone the wrong way. Added onto that he managed to get DAKOTA to like him and date him somehow. If that doesn't demonstrate social prowess I don't know what does. On return he should do well but I don't think his strategic game is good enough to get him to the end.
Anne Marie: I'm going to be honest the only reason Anne Maria is this high is because her physical game is just that good. I'd put her up in the top 10 best challenge players of TD even if she didn't make merge. That was more so because of poor decision making. She was just that good, she good toe to toe with the likes of Jasmine, Duncan, Heather, Alejandro or any other challenge beast there is. But the other reason she's this high is that her ability to recognize opportunity. She saw it with Vito taking him and possibly Mike away from Zoey to help her both romantically and in the game. That and the diamond incident, she saw the opportunity to get out of the game for no cost but she just didn't know it was worthless. I think she's an underrated character in her ability to come back and win. She has the ability to win challenges without question, she has great ability to be a villain and manipulate people that aren't as smart. The potential is there for an even better Island Heather run for Anne Maria just what holds her back is that she isn't that smart making her unable to crack the top 26. I think given another season she does well but we only saw glimpses of greatness for Anne Maria.
Trent: Trent is an odd one to rank as I think in any given season he does well and makes merge. Action he started off decent then went off the deep end in Episode 3 and arguably Episode 2. I feel like Trent as a player Action should be almost ignored. That clearly was just a mess from both him and Gwen and he wasn’t really mentally stable. Perhaps that’s possible from going right into a second game it fractured his relationships and messed with his head. So let’s focus on his Island game. Trent was never a target in the pre merge. His only rival would perhaps be Cody but even then Cody respected him as a person and even helped set him up with his love interest. Added onto that Heather really only went after Gwen and Leshawna and never really bothered with Trent. Which says something about how good Trent’s social game was being able to be with her mortal enemy and yet never being on her radar. Added onto that physically Trent was good there as well. Being able to help the Gophers win on multiple occasions and being looked upon as a team leader, this also probably helped lead to his downfall. He had set himself up well in the merge befriending the Bass Boys (Geoff, DJ, and Duncan) and also he was close to Owen, Gwen, and Leshawna. What screwed him was Eva coming back providing Heather time to regain her footing and gain Izzy as an ally and using Eva’s massive target to buy herself another day. If that final 10 is the merge I would bet a lot of money that Trent makes it to the end. Heather kissing Trent I won’t say was his fault but as soon as he saw Heather on that dock he should’ve left. But he didn’t causing his elimination. Now as I’m talking about him as if he’s a great player, what holds him back is of course Action, but also that we never really saw much of a strategic mind. Yeah he made it to 11th but what we saw was just a good nice guy who’s smart enough and good at challenges. We were never able to see what Trent could do if given a real shot which is what holds him back on this list.
Amy: Ok I know I have a lot of explaining to do. So here it goes. Amy emulated a game that was almost like some of the greats of TD, Survivor and Big Brother. She had a cult and yes I mean a cult following of Topher and Rodney. Scarlett could give two shits about her and would rather see others go. And Max was an idiot. She had Sammy her biggest opposer out at third leaving Jasmine as her only problem who also wouldn’t be hard to get rid of despite Rodney’s... idiocy. I have Amy higher than Sammy because Amy was in a perfect position to make a deep run Sammy wasn’t. Amy despite her abrasive nature was able to form more bonds with people on her team than her counterpart. Look at it like this Sammy who was placed in Amy’s exact position screwed the pooch and went two episodes later. She cut away an alliance mate in Rodney rather than a Max or a Scarlett who both weren’t totally with her whereas Amy who we don’t know enough about probably cuts Jasmine next given she went after her own sister early. Amy in return is someone who can make a very deep run she can manipulate people, she has a great strategic mind knowing who she needed gone and did that. But her decision making is almost like Heather from Island, who thinks they’re high and mighty and can do anything and it costs them, Amy with the apple and Heather at the F3 of Island. The similarities are there and I’m slowly forming the opinion that Amy could play a better version of Heather’s island game on return. Amy showed the credentials to be a great player but she got cheated out of making a deep run at it.
Come back next time to see 4 more characters be ranked. We'll be seeing yet another Revenge character this coming episode as well as our 2nd 3 time player. As well as another All Star contestant and 2 time player and former villain. Who could be next? Find out next time.
52-49 (Staci, Beardo, Dakota, Leonard)
48-45 (Rodney, Ezekiel, Eva, Blaineley)
44-41 (Max, Katie, Izzy, Tyler)
40-37 (B, Ella, Sadie, Bridgette)
36-33 (Dawn, Sammy, Topher, Noah)
submitted by Trygve11 to Totaldrama [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 02:04 AutoModerator Weekly events thread September 27, 2020

This thread is created weekly for /FantasyStrike users to share any events that they are hosting this week or in the future, in order to (hopefully) increase visibility for these events. A schedule of events is also maintained at the Fantasy Strike official events page.
The following posts are welcome here:
Please keep all top-level comments on topic, but feel free to discuss the events in question in the replies.
Notable upcoming and regularly scheduled events:
Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Send a message to the mod team!
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2020.09.27 01:58 thefallinleaf Aster Multi seat / My Dual User PC

This is my experience with Aster for over a year now.
My PC uses Aster multiseat from https://www.ibik.ru/ and can support two users at a time.
About this rig:
It's a combination of used and new parts, dating back to my history of when I first started getting into PCs. The case and PSU are the oldest. It serves three functions: as 2 PCs, an air filter, and as a heater (thanks to [email protected]).
  Some advantages over two separate PCs:
To elaborate on playing the same game:
Epic Games Store allows at least 2 instances, so Aster works perfectly. Playing Remnant, WWZ, or Totally Reliable Delivery Service gets me the most out of this rig. Any game without anti-cheat should do.
Steam does not allow two instances, so I’ve been using Sandboxie. This is much more of a PITA compared to EGS, as I have to duplicate Steam files as shown here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=311943358
Also if the game is GPU intensive, Sandboxie wont have as nearly as good performance compared to running games natively. Only recommended for easy to run or old games. I honestly wish Steam would support multiple instances. Some games that work well with Sanboxie:
Overwatch works flawlessly too, just have to click play at the same time. Not sure about other Blizzard games.
Would I do this again? Probably, since I already paid for Aster lol.
If you want to use Aster for productivity reasons, there is also no reason not to. Only 1 GPU is required for two monitors / users.
The gaming side of things might get tricky, but the type of person reading this can probably handle it.
Personal Opinion:
It is probably better to have 1 single ultra powerful GPU if only 1 person plays games, and if / when 2 people play the GPU processing power gets cut in half.
Whereas it’s better to get 2 GPUs that excel at price/performance if both people game often.
submitted by thefallinleaf to buildapc [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 01:30 trycoconutoil Bounty: $300USD Help me find the whole videotape of Donald Trump on The Oprah Winfrey Show, 25th of April, 1988. Season 3, Episode 5. Saw it on Facebook back in 2015. Then, it vanished. I haven't found it after that. Help is greatly appreciated!

Sources that are relevant for the hunt:
I'll literally give the person who can find it $300USD (if you want). I'll give it through cryptocurrency, product(s), or other means if that is desired.
Good luck.

Ignore the images and fact-checker sites. Those are red herrings and so points towards something different from the year 1998. I want the entire video from The Oprah Winfrey Show, 25th of April, 1988, season 3, Episode 5, 60 minutes of the show. DM me here on Reddit or post it publically.
The episode does not exist on The Oprah Winfrey Show: 20th Anniversary Collection (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000B91N3S/ref=nav_timeline_asin?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1).
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